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Choosing the right path for your business is never easy, let Bender Ciccotto & Co. help you decide.

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Our Services

Our NY accounting firm is committed to prompt and efficient delivery of services — and to frequent and open lines of communication. We realize that each company has a different set of characteristics, personality and operating structure. Our approach also considers the close relationship between the business and the personal objectives of the owners; we consider both objectives when advising on financial, operational and tax matters.

Accounting And Auditing Services

Our accounting and auditing services include annual and special audits, compilations and reviews of financial statements.

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Complete Tax

We offer diversified tax services, including assistance in all phases of federal, state and local income taxes; sales tax; payroll; estate taxes and planning; and other taxes.

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Litigation Consulting & Forensic Accounting

We analyze the facts and underlying transactions, perform investigations that are prompted internally or externally, and provide guidance on the recording of complex transactions.

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Our History

Founded in 1937, Bender Ciccotto & Co. is a full-service accounting firm, based in Long Island, NY, and dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality and most confidential services available. For over 80 years, our philosophy has remained constant. We build relationships, not just client contacts.

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Bender Ciccotto asked to speak at International Education Conference

October 2021
Peter Paladino, Wendy Manson and William Palazzolo were asked to hold a virtual question and answer  session as a follow up to the October 2020 and June 2021 sessions of the International Education  Council Conference…

Bender Ciccotto asked to speak at International Education Conference

June 2021
Peter Paladino was asked to speak at the International Education Council Conference held virtually on June 22, 2021.  The topics discussed were the issues to be faced by foreign universities regarding the  conversion to the use…

Bender Ciccotto asked to speak at International Education Conference

October 2020
Peter Paladino, Wendy Manson and William Palazzolo were asked to speak at the International Education Council Conference held virtually on October 21, 2020.  The topics discussed were the issues  to be faced by foreign universities during…

Bender Ciccotto asked to speak at International Education Conference

March 2019
Peter Paladino, CPA was asked to speak at the International Education Council Conference held in Washington DC on June 3 through June 5, 2019.

Bender Ciccotto is Assisting a Large Real Estate Developer/Owner in Obtaining New Properties and…

We are assisting, along with other advisors, a large real estate developer in accounting for properties purchased, coordinating the purchases, and implementing tax savings strategies for their development including the use and coordination of the…

Bender Ciccotto Successfully Assists a Foreign Institution in Obtaining Their Recertification From the U.S.…

We assisted a large international Education institution in obtaining their recertification from the U.S. Department of Education.

Bender, Ciccotto Assisted Local Real Estate Developer in Renovating and Re-opening Waterfront Properties for…

October 2017
Along with other professionals, we assisted a local real estate developer in rebuilding and re-establishing declining downtown properties.

Bender Ciccotto Assists Client to Recover Stolen Inheritance

August 2017
Bender Ciccotto was brought in to detect fraud committed by family members trusted to look after the children of the deceased parents.

Bender, Ciccotto Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

August 2017
We celebrated our 80th anniversary with many of our clients, friends and family at a local theater’s performance of Grease.

Bender Ciccotto is Engaged by a Theatre That Produces “Broadway quality” Shows on Long…

June 2015
Bender Ciccotto assists in the reorganization and recapitalization of the entire operation to allow for its growth to continue.

Bender Ciccotto Assists in Closing Down Multi-Million-Dollar Fraudulent Art Ring

April 2014
Bender Ciccotto assisted the FBI in closing down the fraudulent sales of artwork of a world-renowned artist.

Robert M Frank CPA, Managing Partner of Bender Ciccotto, Gives a Presentation

June 2012
Robert M Frank CPA, managing partner of Bender Ciccotto, gives a presentation to more than 80 Universities and Schools at Oxford University.

Bender Ciccotto Prepares Deferred Tax Comfort Letter for Use by a Top 4 Accounting…

January 2012
We represent U.S. based freight forwarding company that is part of a public company on the Dubai stock exchange.

Bender Ciccotto retained by world-renowned artist

In 2012, Bender Ciccotto was retained by a world-renowned artist to consult on the day to day operations of his company.

Reps. Israel & McCarthy Alert Long Islanders About Recovery Act Tax Credits to Save…

March 2010
Average Income Tax Refunds Up 10% Because of Recovery Act Tax Credits

Bender Ciccotto Assists its Client from a Start-up Company to its Partial Sale at…

We were involved from the initial inception [1970’s] of the original idea to create an Education company to its partial sale of a more than 50% interest in its corporate stock which was valued at…

Bender Ciccotto Was Retained by a Food Management and Distribution Company to Provide a…

Bender Ciccotto was retained to report on if the company was meeting its requirements according to the terms of the settlement agreement with a state attorney general’s office.

Bender Ciccotto Has Spearheaded the Purchase and Implementation of Two Different Computer Software Programs…

September 2009-2019
We assisted two large real estate management companies in the selection and implementation of new computer software platforms and the training of their company personnel.

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Business, Tax & Accounting [email protected]

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